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Our Process, start to finish

  • 1
    Understand needs

    We seek to understand your business and what’s important to your organisation first. This includes identifying
    your business challenges in relation to communication, literacy and numeracy and how the programme will benefit your business.

  • 2
    Skills gap discovery

    Through discussion with a range of individuals in your organisation we will find out what the needs of your business are and what skills you require your people to have to perform effectively. We will compare the oral, reading, writing and numeracy demands of your people’s roles with their skill level to determine the gap. Aligning your business needs and the skill gap, we create your customised programme goals.

  • 3
    Present opportunity

    We will present a Scope of Work to ensure a quality programme can be delivered to meet your needs. This will include:- Results of the Needs Analysis, Programme goals and outcomes, Framework of learning and Programme logistics.

  • 4
    On site tutoring

    Sessions will be delivered by experienced, qualified tutors at your workplace. Small groups of 8 to 10 learners. Individual learning plans for every learner aligned to the programme goals. Graduation at the end of the programme to celebrate the learner’s successes.

  • 5
    Monitor progress

    Evaluations conducted throughout the programme to monitor progress. Regular reporting to provider including a final report at the conclusion of the programme.