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Foodstuffs empower their team

12th February 2019

Hear from management and learners involved in our recent training programme.  A successful training programme saw increased efficiencies and productivity throughout the workplace.

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International Workplace Literacy Policies - View PDF

24th February 2017

We’ve been having a look at what is happening internationally in relation to improving the adult literacy and numeracy skills of workers through government funded programmes. Below is a short summary of what is happening in Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, and Scotland

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Getting the most from workplace literacy and numeracy programmes

23rd February 2017

The Department of Labour asked NZCER to write and develop a resource based on findings from another department project about the transfer of language, literacy and numeracy learning in workplaces. This summary brochure was produced and sent to the department, as well as widely distributed in the sector and online.

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