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Our FREE training programme is arranged with your employer.  

A minimum of 8 staff is required from your workplace to take part in the programme.

Do you struggle with

  • Filling out forms?
  • Reading health and safety rules?
  • Counting things?
  • Following instructions?
  • Solving problems?
  • Being understood?

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You're not alone

Two out of every five New Zealand adults face the same struggles!
Maybe English isn’t your first language, or school didn’t suit you.  Either way, all you need is a bit of extra help to do your work better and faster. We can help.

Make a change for the better

When instructions are too complicated, or filling in a form is confusing, it can be hard to admit that you are having trouble. Don’t just ignore the problem – it won’t go away by itself and it could get worse.

At Aspire2 Business | Workplace Communication, we work with you to improve your communication, reading, basic maths, writing and any other area you feel needs a top-up.
That way, you enjoy your work more, keep yourself and others safe, and impress your boss by improving the business with your refreshed skills.

Join others in learning

It’s a lot easier to learn when you do it together in a small group, and a lot more fun.
Even though you will learn in a group, you will also get plenty of one-to-one time with our professional tutor.  That way you can set yourself goals and work on the skills you need for your job.

Help your family too

A lot of people who have trained with us say their families are better off because of it. When you bring your fresh skills and success home, you will be able to read to your children, write letters to family and work out budgets to manage your household income.

Your family will follow your good example – your success will become theirs, at their schools and workplaces.

Take this short quiz to see if you need help with your communication skills

Question 1
Do you sometimes find it difficult to understand instructions from your Team Leader or Manager?
Question 2
Are there any signs at work that you do not understand?
Question 3
Do you find it hard to fill in documents at work because they are hard to understand?
Question 4
Do you have to ask a friend at work to repeat instructions that a manager has told you?
Question 5
Can you add up, take away, multiply and divide numbers in your head?
Question 6
Are you comfortable speaking to a group or crowd of people?
Thanks for taking our short literacy test.

It looks like you don't need our programme.

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Thanks for taking our short literacy test.

You’ve got some good skills but it looks like you could benefit from taking our programme.

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Logo Learners

"This course has helped me talk with my boss when  my boss comes  to talk with me and tell me do about job.  I understand better and it makes  me not scared – before  I feel scared."

Food Manufacturing Company
Logo Learners

"I learnt about speaking and listening skills, how it can be better received and how we can better engage in the act.  I found out about barriers to communication and what we can do as speakers to get our message across more effectively. This helps me communicate better with my bosses and workmates."

Marinecraft Manufacturer
Logo Learners

"I learnt different skills and gain knowledge. I have an understanding about Health and Safety purposes, Safety gears, and as well as the Section of the Act that specify the Safety of Employees and Employers responsibilities."

Self-Referred group
Logo Learners

"I learnt a lot about myself…. I am grateful to now have completed this course. I am no longer hesitant to try anything to do with learning.  I’ve even applying myself to learn about how to use computer." 

Health Services Industry
Logo Learners

"I learnt about important of communications tools which is help with a good relationship with everyone.  I’m more aware of how my workmates relate to their jobs and me, as we are so diverse."

Aged Care Facility
Logo Learners

"He could present with other learners the project proposal to the Senior Management team and other staff.   The Learner was first to present his part of the presentation and he did this with confidence.   The Learner would not have been able to do this if asked prior to the training."

Louisa (Manager) about one of her employees
Plastics Manufacturer
Logo Learners
"I’ve learned to have more patience with others and have confidence in myself to communicate a lot more with management."
Primary Industry
Logo Learners
"Effective communication is an important characteristic of strong healthier  families  which I learned from this programme and teaching children as well."
Aged Care Facility
Logo Learners
"Through this course my ability to articulate words, spelling and grammar have all improved."
Scaffolding Company
Logo Learners

"I learnt how to be more assertive & speak my mind instead of holding everything in & getting stressed."

Aged Care Facility