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Are your programmes only for English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) students?

No, the programme focus and funding is around improving communication skills and confidence for all levels.

Can the programme be tailored to our business?

All Aspire2 Business | Workplace Communication programmes are customised. Before the programme starts, we meet with owners, managers, team leaders and other key stakeholders to get a good understanding of your industry and business, your goals, your employees and specific challenges within your organisation.

Can leadership skills be included?

Many of the topics covered are useful as a foundation for building leadership skills including communication, active listening, running team meetings, delegation, giving effective instructions and conflict management. Our clients select a range of roles to attend the programmes, from team members to team leaders and managers. We need to ensure the programme aligns to their needs for development. Our clients tell us they have often promoted staff to a leadership role but have not provided them with the necessary training.

Where will the training sessions be held?

Face to face training is delivered at your premises. If your workplace has no suitable training room, you’ll need to arrange for an alternative. For blended and online solutions, we discuss with you where your staff will be completing their training e.g. from work or home and on what device.

How do we know what type of training we need?

We determine your business needs by completing a comprehensive Needs Analysis. Before training commences, we confirm with you that we have understood your specific needs, goals and desired outcomes. During the training, we constantly check in with you and we have the flexibility to adjust the programme, to any changing circumstances within your business.