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Upskill your people, accelerate your business

Improving the communication, literacy and numeracy of your staff can have astonishing effects on your business and its performance, team morale and health and safety record.

Low literacy or numeracy is worth tackling:

  • It's a bigger problem than you think. 42% of New Zealanders between age 16 to 65 do not have the level of literacy or numeracy they need to perform their jobs well. – The Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) – OECD 2016
  • Illiteracy costs the NZ economy well over NZ$4 billion a year. – World Literacy Foundation: The Economic and Social Cost of Illiteracy 2015
  • Task error, low morale and frequent absenteeism are all associated with poor literacy and numeracy.
  • Positivity and motivation. 76% of businesses reported that staff were more positive and motivated – and more productive.
  • Healthier, safer workplaces. 82% of businesses linked better health and safety to their worker’s literacy and basic skills training.
  • Better business output. 74% of businesses reported a positive impact on the quality of business output. Confident, motivated workers care about the job they do.

Free* training creates positive change

Take up Aspire2 Business | Workplace Communication programme. It's government-funded for eligible employees and you’ll notice a big difference. Here’s what other businesses found:

How will your staff benefit?

Having staff with the right level of skills to cope means your business will run more smoothly and efficiently.

With the right training, your workers can:

  • Accurately fill out forms for health and safety, and for leave
  • Have the confidence to speak up in team meetings
  • Give clear, accurate instructions
  • Understand and carry out instructions
  • Report health and safety incidents and hazards
  • Read important company documents with understanding
  • Estimate weights, volumes and areas and so reduce errors and waste
  • Improve problem solving and decision making
  • Demonstrate and develop leadership skills

Our Clients

We are proud to work with the following clients in providing our valuable training programme to their team.


Industries we provide services to

Early childhood
Health & Safety
Aged Care
and many more
Businesses Engaged
Learners in Training
Different Industries
Test Emerald Foods

"Staff are more engaged and more likely to approach me or their supervisor with an idea because they can now clearly communicate and explain their thoughts.  This really adds value to our business."

Gavin Witinitara - Operations Manager
Emerald Foods Ltd
Test Viscount

“It’s been great to see the staff respond so positively to training. We’ve found that communication at all levels has improved and staff confidence is much higher.

The way they deliver the training is excellent, which helps with information retention, and the rapport with the team was great.”

Kenneth Tohovaka - Site Manufacturing Manager
Viscount Plastics (NZ) Ltd.
Test Littlegem

"I would recommend the training. We’ve really enjoyed learning new ways of communicating and engaging with our parents, and of course, putting it into practice."

Parul Blizzard - Childcare Manager
Little Gems Childcare Ltd
Test Villageinthepark

"Before the training, many of our staff were an invisible presence at meetings and in the workplace as a whole. Now they talk more confidentially with each other and their leaders, and they’ve learnt to become more reflective in how they react to situations."

Mary Leighton - General Manager
Village at the Park
Test Sophieswprld

"None of our staff wanted to miss out on any lessons, they really enjoyed spending two hours each week learning new skills. Aspire2 Business made the professional development refreshing and made the learning fun."

Anjum Syeda - Centre Manager
Sophie's World