FREE, workplace communication training programme.

Two out of five New Zealand adults struggle with communication, literacy or numeracy skills.

Grow your people, Grow your business.

76% of businesses noted a positive impact on productivity and motivation of staff from Workplace Communication training

Grow you people, grow your business.

82% of businesses surveyed associated increased health & safety with their workplace's literacy programme

Grow your people, grow your business.

74% of businesses noted a positive impact on business growth

Grow your people, grow your business.

68% of businesses noted a positive increase in productivity output

Skilled staff means better business

Helping your staff build on their communication, literacy & numeracy skills won’t just benefit your company, it also dramatically impacts their lives too.

Do you or any of your employees struggle with

  • Reading and filling out forms?
  • Understanding company procedures?
  • Calculating or estimating quantities?
  • Following complex instructions?
  • Solving problems?
  • Being understood?

That’s where Aspire2 Business' | Workplace Communication programmes comes in.

Free programmes from Aspire2 Business | Workplace Communication

We are the largest workplace literacy provider in New Zealand and have been operating throughout New Zealand for over 20 years. Our programme is free* to employers, and helps your staff work better so your business improves.

*eligibility criteria applies

Meet the team at Coca-Cola Amatil

Management and staff share their experiences of Aspire2 Business - Workplace Communication Programme


Meet Andrew Suano

Business Care Manager at Lady Allum Village shares his experiences of their staff participation in Aspire2 Business - Workplace Communication Programme


Case Study: Viscount Plastics (NZ) Ltd

Recognising and growing potential - When specialist plastics manufacturer, Viscount Plastics (NZ) Ltd, wanted to up-skill staff they turned to Aspire2 Business for help.


Case Study: Village at the Park

Results that ‘exceed expectations’ - When Village at the Park’s General Manager talks about the many improvements that working with Aspire2 Business - Workplace Communication Programme has made to the business and its staff, she has the stats to back it up.


Case Study: Little Gems Childcare

Ensuring the right message gets across - For Little Gems Childcare Manager, Parul Blizzard, it’s essential there’s no miscommunication between her team and parents when talking about the well-being of the centre’s young charges.


Case Study: Sophie's World

Connecting staff and parents at Sophie’s World - As a small childcare business, Sophie’s World prides itself on being family-orientated and encourages a good rapport between teachers and parents.  But the early childhood education centre needed help to address staffing language and literacy problems.


Case Study: Emerald Foods

Adding benefits every day - With a busy, growing business, Emerald Foods Ltd decided they needed to make sure their staff had the skills and confidence to grow with them. After looking for a course that would offer what their people needed, the company asked Aspire2 Business to help with their people's literacy and numeracy skills.