Grow your people, Grow your business.

Two out of five New Zealand adults struggle with communication, literacy or numeracy skills. It doesn’t mean these people can’t be valuable staff – they just need upskilling.

Grow your people, Grow your business

76% of businesses noted a positive impact on productivity and motivation of staff from Workplace Communication training

Grow you people, grow your business.

82% of businesses surveyed associated increased health & safety with their workplace's literacy programme

Grow your people, grow your business.

74% of businesses noted a postive impact on business growth

Grow your people, grow your business.

68% of businesses noted a positive increase in productivity output

Skilled staff means better business

Helping your staff build on their communication, literacy & numeracy skills won’t just benefit your company, it also dramatically impacts their lives too.

Do you or any of your employees struggle with

  • Reading and filling out forms?
  • Understanding company procedures?
  • Calculating or estimating quantities?
  • Following complex instructions?
  • Solving problems?
  • Being understood?

That’s where Aspire2 Business' | Workplace Communication programmes comes in.

Free programmes from Aspire2 Business | Workplace Communication

We are the largest workplace literacy provider in New Zealand and have been operating throughout New Zealand for over 20 years.  Our programme is free* to employers, and helps your staff work better so your business improves.

*eligibility criteria applies

Meet the team at Coca-Cola Amatil

Management and staff share their experiences of Aspire2 Business - Workplace Communication Programme


Meet Andrew Suano

Business Care Manager at Lady Allum Village shares his experiences of their staff participation in Aspire2 Business - Workplace Communication Programme


Case Study: Viscount Plastics (NZ) Ltd

Recognising and growing potential - When specialist plastics manufacturer, Viscount Plastics (NZ) Ltd, wanted to up-skill staff they turned to Aspire2 Business for help.


Case Study: Village at the Park

Results that ‘exceed expectations’ - When Village at the Park’s General Manager talks about the many improvements that working with Aspire2 Business - Workplace Communication Programme has made to the business and its staff, she has the stats to back it up.


Case Study: Little Gems Childcare

Ensuring the right message gets across - For Little Gems Childcare Manager, Parul Blizzard, it’s essential there’s no miscommunication between her team and parents when talking about the well-being of the centre’s young charges.


Case Study: Sophie's World

Connecting staff and parents at Sophie’s World - As a small childcare business, Sophie’s World prides itself on being family-orientated and encourages a good rapport between teachers and parents.  But the early childhood education centre needed help to address staffing language and literacy problems.


Case Study: Emerald Foods

Adding benefits every day - With a busy, growing business, Emerald Foods Ltd decided they needed to make sure their staff had the skills and confidence to grow with them. After looking for a course that would offer what their people needed, the company asked Aspire2 Business to help with their people's literacy and numeracy skills.

Business Owner Left1


Upskill your staff to enhance efficiency, improve confidence, productivity and pave the way for future development. We work with all businesses and industries

Early Childhood
Health & Safety
Plus more industries


Struggling with reading, writing or communication can be frustrating – it can stand the way of excelling in your job and moving forward in your career. All it takes is a little learning - we’ll help you feel more confident and get more done.

Employers and Learners testimonials

Logo Learners

"This course has helped me talk with my boss when  my boss comes  to talk with me and tell me do about job.  I understand better and it makes  me not scared – before  I feel scared."

Food Manufacturing Company
Test Littlegem

"I would recommend the training. We’ve really enjoyed learning new ways of communicating and engaging with our parents, and of course, putting it into practice."

Parul Blizzard - Childcare Manager
Little Gems Childcare Ltd
Logo Learners

"I learnt about speaking and listening skills, how it can be better received and how we can better engage in the act.  I found out about barriers to communication and what we can do as speakers to get our message across more effectively. This helps me communicate better with my bosses and workmates."

Marinecraft Manufacturer
Test Viscount

“It’s been great to see the staff respond so positively to training. We’ve found that communication at all levels has improved and staff confidence is much higher.

The way they deliver the training is excellent, which helps with information retention, and the rapport with the team was great.”

Kenneth Tohovaka - Site Manufacturing Manager
Viscount Plastics (NZ) Ltd.
Logo Learners

"I learnt different skills and gain knowledge. I have an understanding about Health and Safety purposes, Safety gears, and as well as the Section of the Act that specify the Safety of Employees and Employers responsibilities."

Self-Referred group
Test Emerald Foods

"Staff are more engaged and more likely to approach me or their supervisor with an idea because they can now clearly communicate and explain their thoughts.  This really adds value to our business."

Gavin Witinitara - Operations Manager
Emerald Foods Ltd
Logo Learners

"I learnt about important of communications tools which is help with a good relationship with everyone.  I’m more aware of how my workmates relate to their jobs and me, as we are so diverse."

Aged Care Facility
Test Villageinthepark

"Before the training, many of our staff were an invisible presence at meetings and in the workplace as a whole. Now they talk more confidentially with each other and their leaders, and they’ve learnt to become more reflective in how they react to situations."

Mary Leighton - General Manager
Village at the Park
Logo Learners

"I learnt a lot about myself…. I am grateful to now have completed this course. I am no longer hesitant to try anything to do with learning.  I’ve even applying myself to learn about how to use computer." 

Health Services Industry
Test Sophieswprld

"None of our staff wanted to miss out on any lessons, they really enjoyed spending two hours each week learning new skills. Aspire2 Business made the professional development refreshing and made the learning fun."

Anjum Syeda - Centre Manager
Sophie's World
Logo Learners

"He could present with other learners the project proposal to the Senior Management team and other staff.   The Learner was first to present his part of the presentation and he did this with confidence.   The Learner would not have been able to do this if asked prior to the training."

Louisa (Manager) about one of her employees
Plastics Manufacturer
Logo Learners
"I’ve learned to have more patience with others and have confidence in myself to communicate a lot more with management."
Primary Industry
Logo Learners
"Effective communication is an important characteristic of strong healthier  families  which I learned from this programme and teaching children as well."
Aged Care Facility
Logo Learners
"Through this course my ability to articulate words, spelling and grammar have all improved."
Scaffolding Company
Logo Learners

"I learnt how to be more assertive & speak my mind instead of holding everything in & getting stressed."

Aged Care Facility

How it works

  • 1
    Initial Discussion and Stakeholder engagement

    We seek to understand your business and what’s important to your organisation first.  This includes identifying
    your business challenges in relation to communication, literacy and numeracy and how the programme will benefit your business.

  • 2
    Needs Analysis

    Through discussion with a range of individuals in your organisation we will find out what the needs of your business are and what skills you require your people to have to perform effectively.  We will compare the oral, reading, writing and numeracy demands of your people’s roles with their skill level to determine the gap.  Aligning your business needs and the skill gap, we create your customised programme goals.

  • 3
    Scope of work

    We will present a Scope of Work to ensure a quality programme can be delivered to meet your needs.  This will include:- Results of the Needs Analysis,  Programme goals and outcomes, Framework of learning and Programme logistics

  • 4

    Sessions will be delivered by experienced, qualified tutors at your workplace. Small groups of 6 to 8 learners. Individual learning plans for every learner aligned to the programme goals. Graduation at the end of the programme to celebrate the learner’s successes.

  • 5
    Evaluation and reporting

    Evaluations conducted throughout the programme to monitor progress. Regular reporting to provided including a final report at the conclusion of the programme.

Businesses Engaged
Learners in Training
Different Industries

Latest news and research 

We’re changing our name

28th March 2017

You might know us as CornerStone Education – we’ve just rebranded our Workplace programmes to Aspire2 Business | Workplace Communication.

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